About the Council

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has the important job of making decisions alongside and on behalf of the people living in this district. 

Specifically, we are responsible for:

  • Community well-being and development.
  • Environmental health and safety. (building control, civil defence, and environmental health)
  • Managing infrastructure.  (roading and transport, sewerage, water and stormwater)
  • Facilitating recreation and culture.
  • Resource management including land use planning and development control.

The Council must follow the rules set out in the Local Government Act 2002.  In particular, the Council has to:

  • Provide directly, or on behalf of Central Government, adequate, equitable and appropriate services and facilities for the entire community.
  • Ensure that the services provided are managed efficiently and effectively.
  • Lead the community.
  • Promote cultural diversity through the management of its functions.
  • Manage, protect, develop, restore, enhance and conserve the environment.
  • Manage and be accountable for community assets.
  • Involve the community, councillors, staff and all interested people in local government processes.
  • Raise funds for the benefit of the community, by way of rates on property, fees and licenses, investments, loans and grants.
  • Keep the community informed about Council activities.
  • Remain neutral while carrying out its functions.
  • Act as a responsible employer.


Local Governance Statement

The Council has to adopt a Local Governance Statement every 3 years.  The statement outlines:

  • How the Council engages with the community
  • How decisions are made
  • How residents can influence these processes.

Importantly, the statement promotes local democracy by providing the community with information on the different ways they can influence local democratic processes.