Vision Beyond 2050

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"This is a vision for our people, by our people and while we have called on a number of great thinkers and diverse stakeholders to drive that work, now we want to hear the voice of our wider communities" - Queenstown Lakes District Mayor Jim Boult

The first step in defining the community vision was taken when Mayor Boult convened a small and diverse group of thinkers in August 2018 to reflect the many voices in our district and key concepts, including tangata whenua, the rich heritage of the area, today's diverse communities, and the business and tourism perspectives. This progressed to a group of approximately 50 people in a September workshop including perspectives from disabled people, voices from both youth and the elderly, iwi, farming, community support and development services, ethnic minorities, and representation from Central Government. 

Looking beyond the year 2050, the vision work -  titled 'A Unique Place. An Inspiring Future | He Wāhi Tūhāhā. He Āmua Whakaohooho' - presents eight key themes for how we want to live, work and play in the future. This series of defining principles (or vision statements) is intended to be carried into the future and is brought to life through additional outcomes that define what we hope for, hear or experience in day-to-day life in the Lakes District. 

This work sits alongside existing and evolving town-specific masterplans, the District Plan review, plans for community facilities and the bold and ambitious 2018-2028 Ten Year Plan which was approved by Council in June 2018. It will also form a key part of a strategy to plan for future capacity and development in the district, meeting the expected demands of our growing community in both housing and business. The strategy will integrate land use and infrastructure planning, and will address the aspirations of QLDC and community for how growth and change should be accommodated and managed.

In March 2019, the Council unanimously agreed to commit to the vision as a guiding document to inform future decision making and planning. 

See the vision and download from here.

Honouring the vision

Having a vision is only the first step. It's important that the Council and wider community honour the principles of the vision now and in the future. So QLDC is working with the original group that was convened in August 2018 to agree a framework for reviewing and updating the vision, and reporting publicly on progress towards achieving these bold outcomes. 

More information will be provided here once that framework is in place.