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Otago Regional Council Rates

Otago Regional Council levy their rates separately. To view their online rating database please go to


Property Sales

Rates need to be considered when buying or selling a property.  This page has information for property buyers, sellers and people planning to subdivide.


Rates are a charge on a property, not a person.  This means that if there are any outstanding rates on a property at the time of purchase, they become the responsibility of the new owner.

The vendor’s solicitor will usually identify outstanding rates and negotiate the sale to ensure they are paid.

If you receive an overdue notice for rates accrued by a previous owner, please contact your solicitor to resolve the matter with the previous owners.


If you receive a rates notice after you have sold a property, it may mean that Council has not been notified of the sale.  Please contact your solicitor to make sure the Council has been notified.

If you have been paying your rates by direct debit, the payments will be cancelled automatically when the Council receives the notice of sale.


If a property is subdivided or resurveyed during a rating year, the assessment details will remain unchanged until the start of the next rating year in July.  It is the original owners responsibility to settle the rates with Council.