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Animal Control

The Animal Control service provided includes responding to complaints of wandering dogs, stock on roads, barking dogs, lost and found services, registration information, patrolling and education programmes.

The Animal Control Unit has a close working relationship with key stakeholders in the community such as the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPCA) and local veterinarians.


Dog control is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's fun to own a dog, but its a big responsibility.  Please keep good control of your beloved pets at all times and respect those in the community that do not own dogs.


Dog Control Bylaw review

How are the dog control rules working for you?  We'd love to hear from you to help with a review of our Dog Control Bylaw and Policy.  You'll find a feedback form at  Feedback closes 28 February.


Contact dog control

  • Queenstown - phone 03 441 0499 (24 hours)
  • Wanaka - phone 03 443 0024 (24 hours)

Cougar provides dog control services after hours.

Our Animal Control Officers all carry identification cards which also describe their powers under the Dog Control Act 1996.


Register Online

If you have new dog, or have recently moved to the district you can register your dog using our Online Registration Form

Please wait until you receive an invoice from our team with your dog's unique animal ID before you make payment. You will need this ID to process your registration and ensure your payment is allocated to the correct dog.



Once entered into our system you will receive a unique animal ID and your registration invoice for payment. Payment cannot be made without an invoice and animal ID.

You can also pay using any of these following methods (please ensure you have your animal ID and invoice before making payment):

• Online using your credit card 
• In Person – by visiting our reception at our offices in Queenstown or Wanaka and pay by Cash, Credit Card or Cheque. 
• Direct credit into our bank account 02 0948 000 2000 00 REFERENCE: animal ID number. 
• Post - a cheque to our offices


Dogs in public places

The new Dog Control Bylaw and Policy took effect on 1 December 2014. See our bylaw and policy page more information.

Wondering where you can walk your dog? Use our interactive map to view dog-friendly areas.


When can a dog be impounded?

Any dog found in a public place and not under control of its owner, or is not registered, can be impounded.

There are some situations where an Animal Control Officer can enter a private property and remove a dog, for example where an Officer has good cause to suspect an offence against the Dog Control Act. 

If your dog is impounded, the following fees will apply:

  • First time - $125
  • Second time - $200
  • Third and subsequent times - $300
  • Per night (feeding) - $35


What about dangerous dogs?

Never approach a dog if you are concerned for your safety, contact Animal Control immediately. 

Our Animal Control Officers are all trained to handle dangerous dogs and are required to carry specialised equipment with them at all times.  This includes bite sticks, leads, loading ramps, collars and lasso poles.

Our Animal Control Officers do not carry firearms and will call the Police for assistance if needed.


When can a dog be destroyed?

A dog will only be destroyed if:

  • an officer has witnessed it become a threat to public safety
  • it has been mistreated to a point that it is unfit for life
  • it has been abandoned and unable to be re-homed. 

The Courts can also order the destruction of a dog for the same reasons.

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