Guidelines for Environmental Management Plans

Land development activities can have adverse effects on the surrounding environment if adequate controls are not in place - such as erosion and sediment runoff, dust, and site contamination. To help reduce these effects, QLDC has developed a set of guidelines for large scale developments. 

These guidelines were approved by Council in June 2019 and provide guidance to consent holders, contractors and consultants for the environmental management plans they submit alongside resource consent applications. They can also be applied to smaller, residential builds. 

They have been created to replace the existing Earthworks Guidelines, to raise the bar, and align the district with current industry best practice.

The guidelines focus on 10 common environmental elements and outline their risks, control principles, and plan requirements:

10 environmental elements2

The guidelines also contain a short form template for small-scale construction sites (such as residential construction projects carrying out land disturbance activities) without resource consent. While this is not mandatory for smaller projects, the aim of this is to encourage best practice across the board and to assist people in their compliance with the environmental protection measures outlined in the Earthworks chapter of the District Plan.

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