Apply for a Resource Consent

Lodging an electronic application

You will need to complete an application form and provide information that is relevant to your project.

An application form is available from:

Once you have gathered all the necessary information you can lodge your application with us.
Your application, including any plans, will then be checked to ensure all required information has been provided.

Please note to be accepted the application must have:

  • Complete application form
  • Certificate of Title
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects

Applications can be submitted either:

  • Electronically through the File Transfer Portal (ShareFile) - see below
  • Via email - - Maximum 20MB per email
  • Or over the counter at QLDC office in Queenstown or Wanaka

Please note that most applications are processed electronically, and there are advantages in submitting your application through our File Transfer Portal as this avoids the delay and costs of scanning.

Payment must be received to formally accept applications for processing.
If you are unsure of the deposit amount check our Resource Consent and Engineering Fees and Other Charges  page or call 03 441 0499 and ask to speak to the duty planner.

Our bank details are Queenstown Lakes District Council, BNZ, Queenstown 02 0948 0002000 000. If you are paying from overseas please use BKNZNZ22 as your swift code.

Please reference your payment 'RM' followed by the first 5 letters of the applicant's name, e.g RMAJONE. Alternatively if you are paying after you have lodged your application use the RM# supplied.

Payments referenced incorrectly may cause a delay in processing if we cannot identify your payment.

Please Note: Manual Payment (at reception) can only be accepted after you have lodged your application and received an acknowledgement email with your unique RM reference number.

Your resource consent decision will be sent to you electronically unless you have stated otherwise.

Please upload documents in PDF format and note our Preferred Document Names

Application Form - Form 9
Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)
Computer Register (CT)
Covenants & Consent Notice
Affected Party Approval/s
Landscaping Report
Ecological Report
Engineering Report
Geotechnical Report
Wastewater Assessment
Traffic Report
Urban Design Report
Waste Event Form

File Transfer Portal (ShareFile)

Please Note: Sharefile have recently changed the way the portal works - Please follow the instructions below to upload files:

Please complete all "required fields" below then drag your files over the "Drop Files Here" Icon or click on the "Browse Files" link to upload documents from your computer. 

Once each of the files you would like to upload is listed in the box below your details, click the "Upload" button.

You will know documents have uploaded successfully when "Uploaded" appears next to each file name. You will be able to scroll through the "Uploaded" list using the scroll bar to the right of the list (see image below).

Please wait for your files to upload as large files may take some time. If you have any questions, please contact