Proposed District Plan - Stage 3

Stage 3 introduces the following new zones: General Industrial Zone, Three Parks Commercial Zone and Settlement Zone into the PDP through Stage 3. Stage 3 also introduces a new (district wide) Wāhi Tūpuna Chapter and Overlay on the plan maps, as well as Design Guidelines for various residential zones and the Business Mixed Use zone, that affect Stage 1, 2 and 3 land.  Stage 3 proposes a number of new zonings and mapping annotations to land where the Operative District Plan currently applies. It also introduces variations and amendments to land and provisions decided through Stages 1 and 2 of the PDP.

Full information on this stage is available through the links set out below.  If you have any queries on any of the information provided or need help finding a particular document, please contact the duty policy planner on 03 441 0499 (Queenstown) or 03 443 0024 (Wanaka) or email us at

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Please be advised that due to technical difficulties with our web mapping application last week (this was resolved at 3.30pm Friday 31 January 2020) we will be extending the further submission period.

Further Submissions will now close on Tuesday 18 February 2020


Notice of Summary of Decisions Requested (30 Jan 2020)


Summary of Decisions Requested

Summary of decisions requested

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Submissions received on Stage 3 start with #3--- e.g. #3001.

Submissions received on Stage 3b start with #31--- e.g. #31001


Supplementary Information on Decisions Requested

Web Mapping Application

A web mapping application has been prepared as a map tool to provide an indication of the land that zoning requests relate to.

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Submission and summary spreadsheet

To assist with finding submissions on particular provisions, the spreadsheet below allows you to filter and search submission points by provision. It includes the contact details for each submitter. This spreadsheet was uploaded on 30 January 2020 and will not reflect submissions received or withdrawn after this date.

Stage 3 Submission point and summary spreadsheet

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When a person or group makes a submission or further submission on a District Plan or Plan Change this is public information.  Please note that by making a submission your personal details, including your name and addresses will be made publicly available under the Resource Management Act 1991. This is because, under the Act, any further submission supporting or opposing your submission must be forwarded to you as well as to QLDC.  There are limited circumstances when your submission or your contact details can be kept confidential. If you consider you have compelling reasons why your submission or your contact details should be kept confidential please contact the Senior District Plan Administrator on 03 441 0499 to discuss.

Further submissions closed on 18 February 2020.


Form 6


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Hearing Panel Communications - Stage 3

Minute 1 - Procedural Update (16 Dec 2019) 

Minute 2 - Late Submissions (09 January 2020)

Minute 3 - Late Submission (10 February 2020)

Minute 4 - Late Submission (20 February 2020)

Minute 5 - Late Further Submissions (24 February 2020)


Section 32 Reports

Every proposed chapter is accompanied by a section 32 report. This is a report required by Section 32 of the Resource Management Act that requires a number of matters to be addressed, including the cost and benefits of rules and policies.


Notified Provisions 



Disclaimer: This map is a tool to help with using the Proposed District Plan.

The map is an approximate representation only and should not be used to determine the location or size of items shown, or to identify legal boundaries. To the extent permitted by law, the Queenstown Lakes District Council, their employees, agents and contractors will not be liable for any costs, damages or loss suffered as a result of the data or plan, and no warrant of any kind is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information represented by the GIS data. While reasonable use is permitted and encouraged, all data is copyright reserved by Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Cadastral information is derived from the Land Information New Zealand. CROWN COPYRIGHT RESERVED. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand license.  

Guidelines on how to use the QLDC web mapping application.

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Documents Incorporated by Reference for Stage 3

Variation Fire Fighting Water Supply and Access

NZFS Fire Fighting Water Suppliers Code of Practice


Background information

Proposed District Plan Stage 3 – A Snapshot

An everyday guide: Making a Submission about a Proposed Plan or Plan Change 


Frequently asked questions

If there's something you're unsure of, you can submit a question or view previous questions and the answers provided on our Let's Talk page.

Wāhi Tūpuna FAQs

To view answers to frequently asked questions relating to the Wāhi Tūpuna chapter, please click here.


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All persons interested in the Business Mixed Use Design Guide please be aware of the following:

Between 19 September 2019 and 21 October 2019 an incorrect version of the Business Mixed Use Design Guide, was notified and accessible on the website. This error was identified at 10:00AM on 16 October 2019, and corrected by 12:00PM on 21 October 2019.

This incorrect version contained an error in Section 08 WASTE AND SERVICE AREAS of Paragraph 4 (p.22) in omitting the underlined text below:

 “Ensure that regular rubbish collection is facilitated to reduce the risk of odor and bins clogging the footpath on collection day. Waste and service areas should not be prominent in form but need to be accessed easily, encourage waste minimisation and should provide sufficient area for waste and recyclable materials to be collected separately. These measures will assist with implementing the QLDC Waste Minimisation Plan 2018. Encourage combined service areas for multiple uses on a site.”

The correct version is now on the Proposed District Plan Stage 3 webpage and the incorrect version has been removed from the webpage.  The correct version was approved by Council for notification. All Stage 3 submitters have been made aware of this correction.

All persons interested in the Wāhi Tūpuna provisions please note well the following.

For several hours on 19 September the Wāhi Tūpuna layer was only visible on the Web Mapping Application when zoomed out and was not visible if you happened to zoom in to a property with the viewer. This problem was identified at 1.30pm and resolved by 4.30pm. Please recheck the Web Mapping Application for Stage 3 if you looked for a Wāhi Tūpuna notation on the viewer on the 19th September 2019.