Plan Change 37 Quail Rise Estate

To rezone a land area of 11.8 hectares in order to provide for 51 additional residential units within and to the South of the existing Quail Rise Zone. With the exception of approximately 3.1 hectares of Rural General zoned land, the plan change site is restricted to land within the existing Quail Rise G Activity Area and Quail Rise Rural Residential Activity Area.

The plan change seeks to rezone this land to Quail Rise Residential 2 Activity Area and a small area to Quail Rise G Activity Area. The proposal would increase the maximum residential units provided for in this zone to 234. Access to the proposed sites would be provided for via an extension to the existing cul de sac at the Southern end of Ferry Hill Drive. 


Made Operative 13 October 2011. See item 3 on the 27 September 2011 Council Agenda.

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