Once you have an issued building consent (with no restrictions) your building work can begin. All consented building work requires inspections, to verify it is being completed to the consented design and the NZ Building Code.

Work cannot proceed past defined stages, until that stage is inspected and approved by QLDC.

  • Inspections
  • Booking an inspection



What inspections are required?

The Building Consent lists the inspections required. Use these inspection names when contacting QLDC.

The list is not always exhaustive. Additional inspections may be required. This depends on the specific construction methods used and their scheduling.

When Building Consent is issued, it includes a letter titled “General Consent Information and Site Inspection Requirements”. It specifies the process and requirements for inspections.

A description of the types of building inspections that can be required can be found in:

Inspection rules and requirements

  • Request the correct inspection type using its full name.
  • Arrange access and ensure appropriate people are available for the inspection.
  • Work cannot proceed past each step until that step has been inspected and approved.
  • Only one inspection is done per booking. For two inspections, two booking requests are required.
  • QLDC Building Control Officers will identify themselves when on site. They carry a warrant card to formally confirm identity.
  • A contact person must be nominated for each building project. They are emailed a copy of the inspection report. Submit the Inspection Contact Nomination Form (below) for this.
  • Construction documentation requested with the building consent is required before booking a Final Inspection.

As-Built Drainage Plan

Where drainage is built differently to what was consented, this plan is to be completed, before the Underslab Plumbing & Drainage and/or External Drainage inspection(s):

What are reasons for failing an inspection?

  • A copy of the stamped approved documents must be available on-site when the Building Control Officer arrives. If not, the inspection maybe failed.
  • If non-compliant building work is identified, the Building Control Officer fails the inspection.
  • The Building Control Officer will require either a re-check inspection or will issue a Notice to Fix if warranted.
  • All failed inspections must be passed before further building work relating to the failed result can continue.
  • An agreement for conditional continuation of work may be agreed for building work not related or impacted by the failed result. 
  • No further inspections relevant to the failed area can be booked until the identified problems are resolved and the inspection passed.

Receiving inspection reports

A record of the inspection is completed on site by the Building Control Officer. They use a tablet computer inspection system. Due to network availability inspection results may sometimes sync with QLDC records at the end of the working day or the next day.

The inspection record provides information on what was inspected and the outcome of that inspection.

A copy of the inspection record can be emailed to a nominated person. To nominate an email address complete the form below and email it to

Additional inspections and Producer Statements

In addition to inspections by QLDC, external experts may be required to conduct their own inspections. An example is having structural elements checked by a chartered professional engineer, or specific product installations checked by manufacturers during their installation or application.

In this case, a Producer Statement (PS3 or PS4) is required for an application for Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

Additional inspections by other specialists may also be required in the Building Consent. With prior written approval from QLDC, general Producer Statements (PS3’s) may be accepted as verification of compliance with the Building Code.

Failure to gain prior approval from QLDC for third-party inspections or the use of Producer Statements results in QLDC not being able to issue the CCC. 

Check the Conditions and Advice Notes of the Building Consent for more information.

Third party verification in lieu of inspection

With prior approval 3rd party verification or other evidence in support of compliance maybe acceptable lieu of an inspection by the BCA.

The applicant is to request make a request before undertaking the building work using AS 3P Application for 3rd Party Certification / Evidence in Place of On-Site Inspection(s). Upload via sharefile.

If the BCA can be satisfied on reasonable grounds from the level of evidence and certification offered that the work complies with the consent they may approve and notify the applicant.


Book an Inspection

Timeframes and information for inspection bookings

  • Certain locations have generally have inspections only on specific days.
    • Glenorchy - Monday and Wednesday
    • Kingston - Tuesday and Thursday
    • Generally inspection bookings should be booked a week in advance (this can be variable check when booking)
    • Specific Building Control Officers (BCO) cannot be requested
    • Partial inspections are permitted
    • A courtesy call request can be made when booking.
    • Have your BC number ready when you book
    • Quote the full and accurate name of the inspection type with your request
    • Each inspection needs a separate booking request
    • Large projects and multiple units may need more than one booking (45 minutes)


Telephone booking

Phone  03 450 0369 to request an inspection (8.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday)


Online booking