Events Office

The QLDC Events Office is the first point of contact for producers of new and existing events.

We are happy to assist event organisers with advisory, co-ordination and facilitation services as well as all funding and support enquiries to QLDC.

Contact the Events Office

Jan Maxwell
Relationship Manager, Arts and Events
Phone: 03 441 0499

Events Office Strategic Objectives

  • Identify, secure and support one new Major Economic Event for the district that will attract over 10,000 incremental visitors / $10m economic benefit per annum – one off or recurring.
  • Support development of one existing Major Economic Event to grow incremental visitation to 10,000 plus visitors / $10m economic benefit per event per annum.
  • Identify and support one new or developing Major Economic Event annually – priority to recurring events (2,500 plus visitors / $2.5m plus in economic benefit) per annum.
  • Identify and support one new Niche Event – can be one off, annual or biennial (1,000 plus visitors / $1m plus in economic benefit) per annum.
  • Support development of two new Major Community Events per annum.
  • Encourage the development of events in shoulder seasons.
  • Support development of one Local Community Event to achieve Major Community or Major Economic Status per annum.
  • Continue to support Local Community Events both financially and in-kind.
  • Provide facility to support events in need on a case-by-case / one-off basis.