Appealing Your Parking Ticket

If you feel you have received a parking ticket unfairly you can request that the ticket is waived.   

The Council will only waive tickets with proof of extenuating circumstances, for example a medical emergency or a breakdown.  

If you were ticketed because your car wasn’t registered or warranted, and you now have proof that you are, your ticket will be waived.  Please follow the prompts on the waiver request form below. 


Before you start:

Please have a read of our parking ticket overview guide here or if you want to get into the detail check out the parking legislation here

The waiver request form will ask you a range of questions depending on the type of parking ticket you received.  If the request is declined, you will be automatically redirected to an online payment page.  If the request requires more investigation it will be sent to our regulatory team to review.  

You will be required to provide proof (medical certificate, breakdown proof from the mechanic, current rego/warrant etc.) so please ensure you have these available to upload.


Click here to request a parking ticket waiver